Learn to Sing and Shine with Elisabeth Howard

Dive into the world of music with the help of Elisabeth Howard, a renowned celebrity vocal coach from the Vocal Power Academy. She offers a transformative approach that has propelled Disney princesses and rock-and-roll legends to stardom. Now, it's your turn to learn to sing with confidence and flair through her guidance.


You can learn EVERYTHING needed to develop your Vocal Technique and Style to create a truly unique voice. 

 Your Ultimate Learning Resources

Elisabeth Howard does not just teach; she provides a treasure trove of resources. Whether through engaging audio tracks, comprehensive e-books, or immersive videos, you have a variety of materials at your fingertips to explore her signature method. Every resource is designed to cater to your preferred learning style, making your journey to vocal mastery as smooth as possible.


Elisabeth Howard's teaching material is available in multiple formats, such as audio, e-books, and videos.


Born to SING: The Digital Guide

Every singer's journey needs a roadmap. Born to Sing is not just an e-book; it's a comprehensive guide to Elisabeth's method. This learn-to-sing digital bookcovering both pillars of technique and style across 20 parts, accompanies audio tracks to practice alongside. Whether at home or on the move, this digital guide ensures your vocal training always catches up.

Born to SING: The Video

Get an hour of foundational training that goes beyond the basics. Perfect for visual learners, this video encapsulates the essence of vocal power in an engaging format.

Daily and Advanced Vocal Workouts

Every singer's toolkit is complete with daily practice. The provided Audio MP3s, ranging from daily workouts to advanced vocal exercises, ensure that every day is a step forward in your vocal journey.

Vocal Power Method Workshop Video

Step into the vibrant world of Elisabeth Howard without leaving your home. Experience the magnetic energy of her live workshops through a specially curated video designed to bring her unparalleled teaching style straight to your living room. Enjoy a fun viewing experience while learning about her comprehensive approach to vocal training.

Whether you're just starting or aiming to refine your skills, this workshop is your portal to expert advice and transformative exercises. Elisabeth's approach is inclusive and inspiring, making singing accessible to all. Her passion for teaching shines through each lesson, promising an improvement and a rekindled love for music in every viewer. 

The ABCs of Vocal Harmony

Delve into music theory, learn to read sheet music, and train your ear with this essential e-book. With accompanying audio tracks, this resource is your stepping stone to becoming a singer and well-rounded musician.

Moving Beyond Traditional Singing

Starting your singing journey is more than just being able to hit the right notes; it's about finding your unique voice by blending two essential parts: your technique and style. These help you improve and make sharing feelings easier through music. You're not just singing songs; you're showing a piece of yourself.

As you continue, you'll find you can connect more deeply with listeners by using your voice to create something beautiful and authentic. Ultimately, mastering the art of singing with precision and expression will transform you, thanks to Elisabeth's Vocal Power Method.

Audio MP3s

The Daily Workout and Advanced Vocal Exercises


Whether you're a beginner or already a singer, male or female, Elisabeth Howard's material covers the theory and demonstrations needed to develop your vocal skills and artistic style to sing like a star. 

Imagine having the vocal stamina to rock a whole concert!